The 7 Best Essential Oils That Balance the Hormones (How to Use Them)

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Nowadays, many women and also men experience hormonal imbalance. Some of the most common signs of this common problem are: weight gain, tiredness, insomnia, fertility problems, depression, mood swings, etc. You have to treat it, otherwise it might cause some very serious health problems like diabetes and cancer.


Here, we’re going to present you 7 essential oils that will create balance in your hormones and help you treat them in a natural way!

Lavender oil– Lavender oil is very special as it can help you against the abdominal cramps which appear while you have menstruation. It will also help you against the discomfort and stress.

Thyme oil – Thyme is especially good for the production of progesterone. A person has an increased risk of infertility and depression when the levels are low.

Clary sage oil – Clary sage has been scientifically proved to be able to decrease the level of the stress hormone called cortisol by 36%, but also increase the levels of the thyroid hormone.

Lemongrass oil – Lemon peels are full of compounds that can improve our hormone production, the liver as well as decrease our levels of cholesterol.

Sandalwood oil – this type of oil can balance the levels of testosterone in men and women, but also improve all the hormones.

Myrtle oil – This is an essential oil which is especially good for the ovaries and the thyroid.

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Basil oil – With this essential oil, you’ll improve the natural response of your body when it’s under emotional and physical stress. If you use basil every day, it will decrease sleep problems, exhaustion, forgetfulness etc.


  • Combine some essential oil with coconut oil. Rub it on different areas of your body.
  • If you want to improve your hormonal balance, combine 2 drops of lavender oil with 2 drops of clary sage oil.
  • If you want to soothe your symptoms of PMS, soak yourself in a bath prepared with 3 drops of clary sageand2 drops of lavender.
The 7 Best Essential Oils That Balance the Hormones (How to Use Them)

The 7 Best Essential Oils That Balance the Hormones (How to Use Them)

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