7 Reasons That Lead To A Break Up In Most Relationships

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None would dare argue over the statement that love can either make or break your life. We might find umpteen number of reasons to fall in love. And once we have crossed the rosy roads of the honeymoon phase in a relationship, we start discovering copious number of reasons to fall out of love, or rather end our relationship.

We either start realizing that the differences with our partner would prove to be a roadblock in the relationship’s longevity, or our partner might start to realize that we were just an infatuation (or sometimes even a rebound). Just like how love happens when you least expect it, even a break up can happen out of nowhere. You never know how the tiniest of issues could end up as a wedge in your relationship. We’ve jotted down a few reasons that might eventually lead to the end of a relationship. You might want to make a note of these if you want the relationship to work out between your partner and you.

1. The Fights Stop

Fighting over the same issues gets so unnerving that it leads to a phase where there are no fights anymore whatsoever. Literally!

Silent treatment replaces the constant fights between your partner and you (1). And this kind of treatment is surely a red flag. Because communication is key in a relationship. It means just one thing — that either of you is ready to call it quits soon.

2. The Competitive Spirit Surfaces

When the ego surfaces among two people who are in a relationship, chances are that instead of helping each other and working as a team, the two will end up competing with each other (the fight about who’s right and who’s wrong). Apologizing and being open to suggestions strengthen the understanding between partners (2). If the two of them start vying for opportunities to put each other down, the relationship gets sidelined and this will eventually lead to a break up.

3. The Financial Separation


Financial togetherness is very important if two people are thinking of taking their relationship seriously even in the future. If you or your partner start saving separately then it’s an indication that you want to move away from each other. Keeping each other’s financial matters discrete shows that there is a lack of trust between the two of you (3). We suggest you to sit down and talk it out if your partner starts keeping his/her financial savings a secret.

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4. The Theory Of Giving Your All


Okay, we understand the whole romantic theory behind making each other the only world you want to be a part of and yada yada. But, in reality, do you think it’s a practical thing to do? Over-dependency on your partner will give your partner an upper hand over you. It will weaken you as an individual (4). Nothing is certain in life. Therefore, learn to love, but also learn to live your own life too. Chances are that your relationship might have a fallout over the issue of over-dependency too. So, never forget yourself. You are a priority.

5. The Consistency Issues


Of course, all relationships in our lives have ups and downs. But what helps a relationship to sail through the storm and still stay strong? It’s the love and the care that never changes in spite of all the blowouts that you’ve had. If you feel that your partner’s behavior towards you keeps changing time and again, then consider it to be another red flag (5). If there is a problem, a couple needs to sit down and talk it out. Constant change in the way you treat each other is like sidelining the notion of keeping the relationship healthy.

6. The Physical Distance


If you find yourself living like strangers even when you share the same living space, then you, my friend, are definitely headed towards a dead end. Feeling distant even with your partner around you is not a good sign. When two people who are in a relationship live in the same house, they need to spend time together (intimate or conversational). And if your partner, too, isn’t making any efforts to bridge the physical gap between the two of you, then, maybe your relationship is on its last leg. The physical connection is as important as the connection of hearts to keep a relationship strong (6).

7. The Comparison Game


There is no such thing as a perfect relationship or a perfect partner. If your partner compares you to someone else and points out your flaws or demeans you in comparison with someone else, then consider breaking up! The comparison doesn’t just ruin the harmony of a relationship, it also breaks down the self-confidence of the person on the receiving end. If you think your partner lacks certain qualities, help him/her master those traits. Do not put them down and make them feel miserable. We’re sure you know what they say about pointing a finger at someone — apparently all the other fingers are pointing at you.

You can never predict the future of a relationship. But you can definitely keep a lookout for signs that will help you understand if the relationship is worth all the efforts you’re putting in. And if you ever have a fallout, remember that everything in life happens for a reason.

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