9 Things It’s Okay For Every Girl To Expect In A Relationship!

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Silly fights and apologies are an integral part of any relationship. However, unrealistic expectations in a relationship, on the other hand, are one of the biggest reasons that can send a relationship on a downhill ride. Movies such as Notting Hill have taught us how things can go disarray in a jiffy if you tend to have high expectations from your partner. But girls, you can always count on these 9 things that are okay to expect in a relationship!

1. Respect For Your Choices

2. Your Need For Your Me-Time

A girl needs her me-time to balance out the time spent together with her man. He should understand that we all need our own ‘cave time.’ Hence, you demanding me-time should be taken in good spirit, and not in an overreacting manner where he ends up blaming himself for having done something wrong that drove you away.

3. Spending Quality Time With Bae

After being together in a relationship for a while, boredom might set in. To rekindle the flames, you two must ensure to make the relationship a priority. While you work out your part, he too has to treat you as his no.1. Taking out some time from work and planning out activities exclusively meant for you two will let you and your partner spend considerable time with each other without any interruptions from the outside world.

4. Being A Good Team


The feeling of joy when he shares the workload with you is special. If he is kind, he will understand that doing the chores or planning a weekend outing is not just your responsibility. If you run for grocery shopping for this week, he can volunteer for the next one without you having to give him the silent treatment for him to understand this. Task delegation should be on a 50-50 basis. When it comes to managing expenses, you and he should have an organized and fair system of splitting expenses.

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5. Surprise, surprise!

What could be more wonderful than delighting your loved one with a lovely surprise? It’s all right to expect him to surprise you on special days. After all, we all deserve a little bit of pampering every now and then.

6. A Good Communicator

There are times when we need someone to listen to us and help us sort out a messy affair. It is right to expect him to be there for you when you are going through an all-time low and need a shoulder to lean upon. Being a team, it is justified that you reach out to him when you need a good listener who would also be a good counselor. Open communication with your partner strengthens the roots of any relationship. By discussing what’s going on in each other’s lives, you tend to be able to trust your partner more.

7. The Art Of Appreciation

You cook a nice meal for the weekend- a candlelit dinner at home – and you sure want to hear a round of applause for your efforts! It is justified to expect him to pay a little compliment from time to time. Showing gratitude for all the small and big things you do for him will enable you to think about a long-term commitment without feeling threatened about your relationship

8. Laughter Is The Best Medicine

A man with a good sense of humor is a bonus in the relationship. With his play of words, he can make you laugh till your stomach hurts. This does not mean that your man has to be cracking jokes all day long. On the contrary, simple things done or said by him should have the value of making you smile. A grumpy fellow is only going to make things difficult for you both. However, when you are comfortable with him, he is bound to know when he needs to lighten up your mood after an exhausting day.

9. The Great Compromise


In a relationship, there are moments that need a certain level of compromise by the partner. It would be unfair if your relationship became a one-way street when it comes to compromises. Therefore, with some maturity, there can be a balance in the art of compromising. If you meet his friends over dinner, then it is fine for you to expect him to accompany you to your friend’s wedding.

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